Clearly visible from Tahiti, Moorea is located only nine miles away across the Sea of the Moon. For all the hustle and bustle of nearby Tahiti (125,000+ population compared to Moorea's 9,000), Moorea is the best-kept secret of the trio of famous French Polynesian islands. Bora Bora and Tahiti get the press, but Moorea is the real prize. Beyond the picture postcard lagoons and white sand beaches, the volcanic island -- twice as old as Tahiti -- is also famous for its six mountains, including Mt. Rotui, which offers spectacular views of Opunohu Bay and the island.

Moorea has the largest selection of Tahitian pearl boutiques !

Moorea PearlsThe Black Pearl Gem Company
BP 1087, Papetoai, Moorea
French Polynesia
Tel: 689/56-36-68
Fax: 689/56-13-48
Moorea's largest selection of Tahitian Black Pearl jewelry.
Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM. Located across from Club Med.
Call for courtesy shuttle 56-36-68

BP 160, Maharepa, Moorea
French Polynesia
Tel: 689/56-10-10
The highest pearl quality with very unique and elegant designs.
Open monday through saturday 9 AM to 5:30 PM.
Located next to Bank of Tahiti, Maharepa.
Call for free transportation: 56 10 10

Heivai Black Pearls
BP 583, Maharepa, Moorea
French Polynesia
Tel/Fax: 56-41-55
Call for free transportation

Island Fashion Black Pearls
Located at the entrance of Cook's Bay in Paopao
We may all have quality, large selection or best price
Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM except Sundays.
Free shuttles available upon request.
BP 98, Maharepa, Moorea. French Polynesia
Tel: 689/56-11-06
Fax: 689/56-35-68

Moorea PearlsDany Creations
Handmade original jewelry featuring Tahitian black pearls.
Local handicrafts and carvings.
Located at PK 28 in Haapiti.
Open 9AM-12 PM and 2PM - 6 PM

Moorea Black Pearls
BP 583, Maharepa, Moorea
French Polynesia
Tel/Fax: 689/56-23-63
Call for free transportation
Herman Perles
In front of Club Med
Tel/Fax: 689/56-42-79

Ocean Pearl Gallery
Tahitian Black Pearls and Polynesian art
Located in Cook's Bay, inside the "Te Honu Iti" restaurant.
Tel: 689/56-31-93
Contact: Anne Simon

Moorea PearlsPerle d'O
Open from Tuesday to Saturday
from 11 AM to 3 PM at the TIKI VILLAGE
Tel: 689/56-34-60
Fax: 689/56-10-86